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Today my kids and I made homemade Samoas cookies, that are supposed to be like Girl Scout cookies.  I wanted to be able to take some to my sister who just had the baby, as well as to a few friends.  So, I doubled the cookie recipe and make a big half sheet pan of bar cookies.  You start by making a shortbread cookie dough.  I changed up the recipe a little to make it easier and topped the cookie with chocolate instead of dipping the bottom of each cookie in chocolate at the end.  Then, I didn’t want to buy homemade caramels because I don’t like them all that much compared to homemade caramel.  So, I toasted an entire bag of coconut.  Then I made the homemade caramel.  What I didn’t know is that my stupid candy thermometer is a piece of absolute junk and it wouldn’t go over 202 degrees.  So, the caramel got too hot and now instead of a delicious pan of homemade Samoas I have a pan of cookies I can’t even bite into!!!

What a waste of time and ingredients!!!

On the plus side, I found I don’t care for the shortbread part either.  It came from the homemade Samoa recipes you can find all over the web.  I am going to change it up and try it again another day using a shortbread recipe that I do like.  Actually, I think I will go with a butter cookie recipe.  Shortbread is really too crumbly.

Anyone have any ideas what I could do with this now?  I thought of breaking it up for ice cream topping but the caramel is not as hard as toffee.  Its still a little chewy.  Could I harden it by baking it in the oven??

What recipe failures have you had lately?  Come on girls, make me feel better!

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