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A few years ago I started a tradition of making a Halloween dinner for my family.  I guess it got started because I came across some placemats and napkins that I thought were so cute I couldn’t pass up.  Then, of course, I had to use them. 

Since I have five sons, I have always tried to mix some trick in with the treat.  I like to make food that looks like something….themed food, I guess you would say. 

Today I am going to post pictures from the dinners that I have pictures of and then I will post some of the recipes in future posts.  I hope it gives you some ideas and inspires you to make a spooky Halloween meal for your own family this year!

P.S. We don’t necessarily do this on Halloween.  Actually, we don’t ever do this on Halloween.  Usually a couple days before Halloween.

Here you can see my placemats and the napkins are being used as placemats too.  We invited guests last year and I only have 8 placemats.  I love those goblets I have and I always put a fake bug in them for a little surprise!  This time I scattered candy corns around the table like confetti.


Here we have our spider web for our spider cheese ball to sit on:


A nice pan of ghost in the graveyard:


Some delicious troll eyeballs.  My 8 year old made the signs for all the food!


And here is our friendly cheese ball spider with veggies and crackers for dipping:



Caramel apples:


Chocolate covered cockroaches…..mmmmm, my favorite!:


Snake bread (pictured before baking because I forgot to take one after!):



The buffet table with bubbling witches brew:


Bugs and cheese under dirt (mac and cheese):


The table set on a year we didn’t have guests.  I just added some of my Halloween d├ęcor to the center:


Well, those are all the digital pictures I have.  The possibilities for food are endless.  You can find recipes and ideas all over the web.  One I like to do is make meatloaf but shape it like the cut off foot of a monster, using nuts for toenails and putting ketchup on the stump to look like blood!  I would love to hear about other things you have made as I am always looking for new ideas!


  1. amazing ideas! Are we all invited this year?! lol :)

    -rachel w k

  2. You are so creative - I love everything!! Even though I know they're fake, the chocolate cockroaches still freaked me out a little. HAHA. I'll definitely be implementing some of these ideas at my own Halloween party. :)

  3. How amazing! I love this party. I hope you'll link up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.


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