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Learn To Make Tissue Pom Poms {Tutorial @ ReMarkableHome.net}

As promised, here is my little tutorial for tissue pom poms! They really are easy to do, especially these little ones.

Step 1. Get your layers of tissue.  The width of your tissue determines how big your ball will be.  For my St. Patrick’s Day banner, I used 7” tissue squares.  Typically, you use a rectangle…don’t ask me why I did squares.  The longer your rectangle, the fuller your ball will be.  You will need several layers of tissue.  For these I used 8 layers, but for a bigger ball I’d use 10 or 12.  Try to lay them out with the corners matched up.  Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.IMG_1098

Step 2.  Accordion fold your tissue paper.  If you’re using rectangular tissue, start from the short end.  The size of your accordions depends on the size of your ball.  For these little guys my folds were about 1/2”.  For a 12” ball I’d probably do about an inch.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  If your last fold isn’t the same size, don’t worry.  It will be fine.

Step 3. Use scissors to trim the ends. I trimmed mine round here, which makes for a flowery look.  You can also trim into a point, which looks more spiky.  You could even cut into it in a V.  Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 4. Fold it in half to find the center.  Then use some wire or string to tie around the center.  If you’re going to hang them from the ceiling, make a little loop to attach your monofilament onto.  For these I just tied a knot and trimmed the string off later when I glued them onto my banner.  It doesn’t need to be super tight.  I usually pinch it slightly but some people leave them totally flat.  Either way is fine.  You just don’t want the wire or string slipping around.

Step 5.  Open up each side like a fan.  Then carefully start to separate the layers, pulling these top two together in the center.  Be careful not to rip the paper, but if you rip it a little don’t worry.  No one will notice!

Once you have them all separated you are done! See, I told you they were easy!  Isn’t it purty?


  1. You did this a week too late. I just made a bunch of tissue pompoms and had to do a search on how to make them. Mine did not turn out as nice as yours :(.

    1. I'm sure they look great! I always think other people's look better than mine, too. I think when you make them yourself you know all the imperfections that no one else sees!


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