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Simple LUCKY Banners: St. Patrick’s Day Craft

So, somehow I got this plan to make each of my boys a decoration for each holiday.  I guess I didn’t realize that recreating a craft 5 times over is A LOT of work!  But it is also fun for them to have something festive in their room for each holiday.

I love my St. Patrick’s Day banner so much that I wanted to make my kids one.  But, I knew if I was going to make five of them it would need to be a lot simpler and faster to put together.

So this is what I came up with.  There are three that are the same and then two that are a little different.

Simple Lucky Banners {ReMarkableHome.net}

I think they turned out pretty cute….{more after the break}

I did book pages again that I antiqued with distress ink.  I put on a strip of trim on the book pages--ribbon with ric rac, or paper strips.  I took a white coffee filter, turned it inside out and added a brown coffee filter.  (Well, the one strung on twine only has the brown filters) I printed off a bunch of chevron digital papers in every color of the rainbow.  Then I cut those into spiky edged circles and glued them into the coffee filters.  For four of the banners I added glittered shamrock foam stickers.  I didn’t have enough for the fifth so I used my Silhouette to cut out some shamrocks and then glittered them.  I added some punched dots to the centers of the foam stickers to give them a little dimension.  I stapled ribbon, twine, or tulle to the tops of the book pages and that was it!  Voila! Five cute banners for my 5 cute sons!

I thought you might also enjoying seeing my BEAUTIFUL craft room!  It’s a beautiful room (it belongs to my sister as this is her home) but it is a MESS! That’s right! I am a messy crafter!  When I get going on a project I don’t clean up as I go.  I’m kind of a slob.  But you still love me, right??


(yes there are TWO overflowing trash bins!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the place whipped into shape before I start my

 Create With Me project!

Do you decorate your kids’ rooms for holidays?

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